Carol M. Reimer

Carol M. Reimer


Sweetpea & Willow is a small boutique wedding and event planning company focusing on decor, decorations, and floral designs for your special event.  We are based in rural Manitoba and have a good understanding of the challenges people face in accessing the unique elements they seek to make their event stunningly beautiful.  We can help you with that!

We excel at bringing creative and sometimes unexpected elements that showcase who you are to all aspects of your special event.  We will provide you with personal attention including the tiniest details.  Our goal is to customize our services to suit your needs, including your busy schedule and the budget you have set. 

We are also able to meet your needs for floral design, whether you are drawn to classic, traditional, or more funky, fun designs.  We can create floral arrangements that will showcase exceptional flowers and greens in either fresh florals or permanent silks.


Who We Are

Sweetpea & Willow is a company made up of 3 talented women.  Our first foray into wedding and event planning started when I supplied flowers from my garden for 2 rural weddings, including 2 reception venues and one church – held the same day in different towns!  Since then, the 3 of us have worked together to plan, design and set-up a number of celebrations including 3 weddings.

My name is Carol.  I have been happily gardening all of my adult life.  My garden which includes vegetables, fruit trees, annual flowers and perennials  is where I go to solve all of my own and most of the world's problems as I tend to it!  I have had the joy of cutting buckets and buckets of flowers to arrange for myself and others.   I have recently received my certification in Floral Design after attending the Canadian Institute of Floral Design in Toronto. I will be thrilled to assist you with floral decorations including wedding flowers. 

Linda has been sewing and creating with fabric since her early teens.  While a poor student completing her Masters Degree in Cereal Chemistry, she developed a gift for creating beautiful decor in her own home on a shoestring budget.  One of her biggest joys is in working with her hands, creating and crafting unique elements including quilts, wall art, cards, throw pillows, jewelry and reworking outdated furniture.  She is exceptionally talented at the use of color and in working with various mediums including fabric and beads. 

Shirley is gifted in the creation of visual arts and has a keen eye for color.  She creates beautiful glass work and stepping stones showcasing glass.  Shirley sketches and dabbles successfully in watercolors.  She has created logos for various venues. She quilts and sews, scrapbooks and makes beautiful cards that recipients sometimes frame! Her most stunning work though is in her wall sized murals that she has created and painted for various venues.  Oh, and by the way, Shirley makes the most awesome sugar cookies and then proceeds to “paint” the sugar cookie canvas using icing!

 Whether your event is big or small, we would love to help you plan and then create the beautiful decor, decorations and floral designs you have chosen to showcase who you are and bring your celebration to life!